How to Overcome Self Doubt When No One Will Support Your Passion

How do you overcome self doubt, disbelief and the need for validation? What should I do if my parents don’t support my passion? I want to pursue a creative life in design but no one believes it’s possible.

Part 2 Blind welcomes CSUN Students Studio Tour for another emotional conversation about limiting beliefs.

CSUN design professor, Jung Hong sits down with Chris Do and retraces his steps in his pursuit of design. It’s an intimate conversation where Chris shares his trials and tribulations and the moment he realized that design was a career path for him.


00:31 Q: I want to be great, but I’m scared of the sacrifices that I’ll need to make.
02:00 Channel your darker motivations into more something positive.
02:50 Killing the inner child so that the adult can emerge. Sacrifices.
03:33 Get a 10x return for investing in your self-growth
05:04 You are the average of the 5 people that you spend the most time with
05:50 Hijack Your Mentors: Learn from them without them knowing
06:36 Q: How do you take that first step when you feel intimidated?
08:20 Don’t wait for a perfect plan to appear before taking the first step. Take action.
09:50 Changing the dialogue with your inner self
10:50 Breaking the need of validation and approval from others.
13:29 Set small goals towards your big goal.
14:35 Stop looking for ways that something that won’t work. Focus on the one way it will work.
15:10 Don’t let others control your emotional well-being

Show Notes:

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Jung Hong
CEO, Three On Design
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