A Step-By-Step Guide To Building Your First Website With NO Coding

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0:00 Introduction
1:28 Overview
1:53 Domain name
2:05 Web host
2:58 Setting up Hosting with Bluehost
13:10 Lesson 2. Installing a Theme
14:13 Salient-Responsive Muti-Purpose Theme
19:00 Lesson 3.Difference Between a Post and a Page
19:57 Beginning Stock Trader
20:58 Lesson 4.Plugins
22:06 Lesson 5.Seting Static Home Page
23:23 Lesson 6.Sitewide Settings
27:05 Lesson 7.Visual Composer
29:32 Lesson 8.Visual Composer Part2
36:01 Visual Composer Columns
40:24 Building Home Page Relly This Time
46:58 Row 2

A Step-By-Step Guide To Building Your First Website With No Coding!

Watch this Step-By-Step Guide to build a website without coding!

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Understanding how to build a website without knowing how to code is often key to becoming a successful entrepreneur. Many people never even get started building websites because they believe that it will take years to learn the necessary coding languages to get everything up and running. They couldn’t be more wrong.

Building a website these days can be done in just a few hours. You could have a successful live site online before the end of today if you follow the steps in this video.

We are not talking about some Wix site templates either. We are talking a fully coded WordPress site that looks exactly like you are imagining. A site that can do virtually anything any other website can do.

This course will teach beginners how to build a website from absolute scratch. Key concepts will include:

1) How to select a domain name and URL for your website (and how to find ones that are open!)
2) How to choose a website host
3) How to install WordPress on your site
4) How to get a WordPress theme and get all your site-wide settings correctly implemented
5) How to use a plugin called Visual Composer to build your website without knowing code. You essentially drag and drop, and Visual Composer will do the coding for you.

By the end of this hour-long course you can have a beautiful home page to your website up and running and be well on your way to creating all of the rest of your pages.


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