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Bonus Offer: Sign up for ClickFunnels with this link for bonuses.

The ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp is likely the best free resource on online sales funnels that exists.

Most people don’t realize quite how extensive the bootcamp is, and are blown away once they sign up.

I haven’t even finished watching all the bootcamp videos to be honest. That is not because they aren’t amazing, but because there are a lot of them.

Here’s the deal though. They are free! So many people ask me if they are worth it and I don’t even know what to say.

How could ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp not be worth it? It’s FREE.

So if that doesn’t answer your question let me say it again.


ClickFunnels is a program with a ton of good ideas and potential. They are still working out kinks, but the theory behind it and the potential it has to change the online marketing industry forever cannot be denied.

Getting started with the bootcamp sooner rather than later will be incredibly beneficial as you start to try and promote ClickFunnels, but also anything else.

They call it the affiliate bootcamp, but in reality it should just be called the online marketing course.

Russell Brunson packs the bootcamp with materials on how to sell anything online, how to make more off your customers, how to drive traffic, how to create successful email sequences that convert, and much more.

Did I mention again that it is free?

It seems like a no brainer.

Here is the deal though. It is hard to succeed as an affiliate for a program you don’t use.

I would sign up for ClickFunnels as well. This will help you promote it, but you can also use it to promote it!

Hope you enjoyed my ClickFunnels Bootcamp Review!

Remember, there are bonuses at the top and I give away a lot of free stuff to people that sign up through my link.


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