Setting up SMTP with ClickFunnels – A Quick Guide

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0:00 Introduction
1:27 Setting up SMTP with ClickFunnels
5:55 Bluehost
8:31 DNS records
9:06 SMPT settings

SMTP is pretty daunting! It doesn’t have to be. It is actually fairly easy and not nearly as complicated as it sounds.

Well, actually it is, but luckily most of the work goes on in the back end so you don’t have to do it!

This is a good guide to get started. In my opinion you don’t really need SMTP, but a lot of people disagree so go for it!

For those that don’t understand why they need this, ClickFunnels doesn’t actually have any kind of email sending service. They just have software that connects to another service (SMTP) and they do all of the sending.

This is why I think the $299 plan is not that great of a deal. I pay about $20 a month for my email service provider and I love them. They are actually a little more reliable than ClickFunnels.

So I would just get Active Campaign and get the $97 ClickFunnels plan. But to each his own 🙂



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