Greg Jeffries, How To Promote ClickFunnels With SEO from A Dream Car Winner – Funnel Hacker Radio Podcast

Greg is one of our Dream Car Winning Affiliates, He shares how he created his success without spending any money on ads or paid traffic. He uses SEO and reveals the tools and resources he uses to generate free sales to ClickFunnels.

Show Notes:

-Greg got himself a free dream car through ClickFunnels!

-Using SEO’s to supplement your ENTIRE income

-Greg Jeffries knows some good tools for you to become an effective affiliate

-Scaling using Greg Jeffries’ tactics

-There’s plenty of opportunities

-Finding your tactic is crucial


“…and everyone’s posting screenshots on the Facebook pages going ‘Wow, these are big numbers. I want to achieve that.’ And you know everybody that is willing to put in the effort can. There’s plenty of opportunity for each person.”

“There’s so much opportunity, and there’s only so much that I’ve been able to do.”

“I feel that we’re in a real special time when it comes to the internet and SEO because we’re at this real nice place where there’s a lot of cool tools to do affiliate work.”

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