MAILCHIMP REVIEW – Mailchimp VS. ActiveCampaign

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This is a MAILCHIMP REVIEW – Mailchimp VS. ActiveCampaign



In this video review we go through and demo Mailchimp, an e-mail automating system. Mailchimp helps schedule, design, and send out e-mails to your subscribers and definitely has some features worth looking into. In full honesty, this Mailchimp reviewer prefers Active Campaign and will state so multiple times throughout the video. Along with this we’ll also discuss and compare how Mailchimp stands next to ActiveCampaign.

Mailchimp is simple to use and very helpful for beginners, it’s built like most auto-responders and you can easily build campaigns for the people on your list. While getting to the point where you can send out e-mails might be a little confusing, Mailchimp offers you the ability to send out regular, plain-text, A/B Tests, or automated e-mails. The reviewer doesn’t love Mailchimp’s interface, but there are many that do.

Inside an automation, Mailchimp has a very simple user interface – with the ability to customize how often and how soon to send an e-mail, Mailchimp gives you data and analytics to learn how your users are responding to your e-mails as well, the con to this however is that it’s not very visual.

ActiveCampaign on the other hand is very visual and gives you the ability to split the actions on how your e-mails will send, for example, separating Person A and Person B from the regular automated e-mails to a curated list depending on whether or not they opened the previous e-mail. So, if working visually works for you, I’d definitely recommend ActiveCampaign over Mailchimp.

However, back to the Mailchimp review – in terms of designing e-mails, it’s definitely king of the jungle. It has tons of beautiful templates to choose from and a very easy drag-and-drop builder that lets you put together your e-mail to match whatever you have in mind. Additionally, it has very good reporting, you can easily view who opens, reads, and clicks through your campaigns. All in all, it’s a very simple platform to use, so if that’s all you’re going for, it’s definitely the way to go.

BUT! If you want more from your e-mails in terms of profits, automation, etc., I’d recommend ActiveCampaign. One of their best and most unique features is the ability to send e-mails targeted to your users’ time zones – so if Person A lives in England and Person B lives on the other side of that, they get their automated e-mails at 2 PM in THEIR time zone and this feature helps give you a lot higher open rates. Additionally, you can segment contacts to help increase click through rates.

Overall, I’d have to say that ActiveCampaign is a lot more beefy, with a lot of perks, but is just a little bit more complicated. While Mailchimp has less options, but a lot more simple and easy to use and definitely something I’d recommend to beginners.

To conclude the review, if you are looking for something incredibly simple, Mailchimp is for you. If you are looking for something to grow into that can actually do everything you might want down the road, start with Active Campaign.









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