🔴 Inspiring Main Title Design Legend— Karin Fong

How do you get started in designing titles for television and film? What does a Creative Director like Karin Fong look for in a main title design? What and who has inspired her work? Hear how this high school cheerleader who loved making animations went on to attend Yale and start her career as a motion designer, director and founding partner at Imaginary Forces.

Karin Fong is a director and designer working at the intersection of film, television, and graphic design. A founding member of Imaginary Forces, she is known for designing iconic title sequences. Her projects include the opening credits for the TV series Boardwalk Empire, South Park, and Black Sails, and most recently Lost In Space and Counterpart, as well numerous feature films. She has directed spots for major brands, including LEGO, Lexus, Target, Sony PlayStation, Honest Company, and Herman Miller. From large scale video installations to video game trailers, Karin’s diverse projects showcase a hybrid approach to visual storytelling, infusing cinematic live-action and animation with a design aesthetic.

Watch the making of “Counterpart”

Twitter: @Karin_Fong
Instagram: @Karin.Fong

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