Wizard of Ads BLOWS Our Mind – And Changes Everything – Funnel Hacker TV Ep 90

Join us today as we take a wonder-filled adventure, with James P. Friel, down the yellow brick road to the Wizarding Academy in Austin, Texas. We’ll give you our takeaways from the Wizard of Ads plus the best piece of marketing advice that not only blew James’ mind, but gave our veritable tinman all the feels.

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Check out our Clickfunnels staff amazing adventure into a literal world of marketing that changed everything by being under the tutelage of the Wizard of Ads, Roy H Willams. This ads guru makes up to eight figures writing just 1 piece of sales copy!

Get an inside look into the exclusive compound Wizarding Academy (which is by invite only), it not only boasts one of the largest collections of Don Quixote art but also the largest collection of single malt scotch in North America. It is truly a trip to another world!

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