SEO Basics: SEO for B2C Companies

Learn why SEO for B2C companies is so important and how it can take your business to the next level!
Hello everybody and welcome! My name is Chris Zook and I’m an internet marketer here at WebFX. Today, we’re gonna talk about how SEO works for B2C companies. If you sell products and services straight to consumers, this is all about how SEO can help you. But not all B2C companies are the same, so we’re going to split them up to lead generating companies and product sales companies. But before we get to that, let’s talk about why SEO works for B2C in general.

SEO works because your primary target is an individual consumer. These consumers fit into demographics that make the perfect customer and they all have the capability to decide whether to buy from you. That’s substantially different than B2B companies that have to target decision makers at entire companies. But you can use SEO to reach everyone qualified to become your customer and it’ll work for you whether your business earns money through selling leads or products.

Here’s how SEO gets leads. For lead gen companies, the first key SEO strategy is local SEO. Since you run a service-based business, you can only work with people in your area. It wouldn’t make sense for you to drive across the company for one customer. By using services like Google my Business, Yelp, and other business listing sites, you can make your business pop up in search engines for any local search. So if you run a plumbing service, you can show a potential customer your address in Google maps, your hours of operation, and anything else that you wanted to show them about your business.

ON top of local SOE, you can create awesome content for your customers to find in search engines. The most important content will educate your potential customers. Write content on your site that answers common questions and provides pricing so that customers can know right away if they can afford to hire you. If your prices vary to give a ballpark estimate. Anything is better than nothing, especially when you’re already an authority in your industry.

Finally, you can optimize pages you already have on your site especially your contact page. By building up those key pages, you can make them show up in search engines just like your other content. But these pages are more important because they get you new leads. So any time you offer someone a free quote, tell them to call you or ask them for an email address, optimize it so that Google can find that page. Once you do, you remove most of the obstacles that someone experience when they try to become a customer. Every click they have to make means some of them will stop pursuing your business, and for you, that means leaving money on the table.

So by optimizing your contact page and other pages like it, you can be sure you’re getting as many customers as possible.

For B2C companies, selling products online is one of the easiest ways to make money. To make SEO work for you, start by optimizing every single product and category page on your site. Make sure Google and users can tell what each page is about by using descriptive title tags, meta descriptions, and unique content.

By optimizing every page, you tell Google everything it needs to know to show your products in search results. That means more customers to the customers that let them buy, which means less opportunity for them to fall through the cracks. Second, you can add your products to shopping feeds like Google Shopping. You can do this through the Google merchant center which shows you step by step methods to upload your products to Google’s feed. ONce products are on there, they can buy from you even faster, and you have another opportunity to beat your competitors. The keys to a good Google shopping feed are high-quality images, competitive prices, and a professional looking website. All of which you can accomplish by following SEO best practices.

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