Do you want to stop child rape? | Dr. Karan Gupta | TEDxLLIM

What can be done to stop child rape? Education and Career expert Dr. Karan Gupta teaches from the best schools to slums to the streets. He talks about how to keep kids in school and how education is the key to stop child rape in India. Instead of punishment, we need a solution now and for the long-term. Children are being empowered to defend themselves through a unique combination of education with self-defense classes. If you are empowered, you will not be compelled to show your power.

#Education #Metoo #KaranGupta #TEDx #Rape #StopRape #ChildRape #SelfDefense #Power #Strength #Hope Dr. Karan Gupta is an activist, speaker, writer, the founder of the Karan Gupta Education Foundation (KGEF) in Mumbai, India. He is also the current managing director of IE Business School – India & South Asia.

Gupta is an alumnus of Harvard Business School and IE Business School, graduating with degrees in Psychology, Business and Law. He opened Karan Gupta Consulting and his foundation in 1999, providing career guidance and information on international admissions. Both institutions are non-profit and have an emphasis on the underprivileged – particularly women, children and people suffering from disabilities.

Gupta has written and contributed to The Times of India, Education Times, Hindustan Times, The Free Press Journal and, providing career counseling and admissions advice. In 2016 he was awarded for his efforts by the Wharton Business School, the National Education Awards for “Outstanding Contribution in Education,” and the Times Genius Award by The Times of India. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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