Jessica Brillhart, Immersive Director, on VR and AR

Jessica Brillhart – – is the founder of Vrai Pictures – They’re an independent immersive content studio.

Before founding Vrai, Jessica was the Principal Filmmaker for VR at Google.

The YC podcast is hosted by Craig Cannon –


00:00 – Starting Vrai

10:00 – Story in film vs. VR

12:15 – Gaming

19:30 – Conditions at Omaha – The Weather Channel in VR –

22:15 – Jessica’s upcoming projects

27:25 – Andrew Peterman asks – How long until we’ll be able to create 3D 360° video from cell phone hardware+amazing software?

29:50 – Matt asks – Where do you see VR in 10 years?

30:05 – Michael Hodapp asks – Does VR still have long term mass adoption potential, or will the market shift to AR?

32:00 – Will people be in VR for a significant percentage of their time in the future?

40:35 – Virginia Pigato asks – How can a traditional storyteller adapt to vr?

49:50 – Can Olcer asks – What key but non-obvious thing is missing for VR to become mainstream?

51:45 – Matt MacVey asks – What are some of the most exciting or scariest parts of social VR and what is the storytelling potential of social VR?

55:15 – Tony Cassara asks – What kind of dog do you have?

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