Beamers, Benz, and Bentleys! Welcome To Two Comma Club X | FHTV Ep. 99

We cover A LOT of ground in episode 99 as Todd comes to Boise to dole out gifts, Russell preps for Mother Funnel, the gang hits up San Diego for 2CCX and more. As Russell preps for Mother Funnel and the Spawn of Mother Funnel we see that not only does Russell present barefoot, but sometimes he needs a little rehearsal to really nail his speeches especially without a teleprompter… Subscribe:

In an eventful trip to San Diego, Brett hosts the 2XXC event while Myles and Dave try to get some footage for Dream 100. Dave and Myles show up to an ‘exotic car rental company’ to find no cars, however, they do eventually find some Beamer, Benz, and Bentleys at O’Gara’s in La Jolla. Dave and Myles also visit Billy Gene and his company Billy Gene Is Marketing for a quick office tour, and we get a ‘face-full’ of Billy Gene.

We also get a glimpse behind the scenes at the editing magic coming from Kevin Anson. Then finally, as the crew heads home they run into Stephen and Korbin as Stephen rushes home to welcome a new member to the Funnel Hacker family.

Check out this awesome episode from Funnel Fridays here (serious value bombs):


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