Joan Lasenby on Applications of Geometric Algebra in Engineering

Joan Lasenby – – is a University Reader in the Signal Processing and Communications Group of the Cambridge University Engineering Department, and is a College Lecturer and Director of Studies in Engineering at Trinity College. Here’s a list of her published work –

In this episode we talk about Joan’s research into 3D reconstruction from multiple cameras and her interest in geometric algebra.

The YC podcast is hosted by Craig Cannon –



00:00 – What’s a tangible example of geometric algebra?

1:20 – What is geometric algebra?

6:15 – What resparked interest in geometric algebra?

7:10 – Why is it important?

11:00 – When did Joan start working on it?

12:55 – Rotations

16:45 – Computer vision in the early 90s

19:00 – Joan’s fellowship at the Royal Society

23:00 – What’s changed in computer vision since the 90s to allow for Joan’s drone research?

29:35 – Machine learning in computer vision

31:20 – How Joan and her students are applying machine learning

34:30 – Unifying qualities of geometric algebra

40:30 – Joan’s paper ending up on Hacker News

45:00 – Where could geometric algebra take hold?

47:00 – Running and mobility

48:00 – Where to learn more about geometric algebra

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