How To Get Over The Fear of Being Judged By Others

How do you get over the fear of being judged by others… especially when you feel like you’re always being judged by your family and friends?

In this video, Marie answers a question from Shannon who’s afraid to talk about her business, because *parents just don’t understand.* And neither do friends or other family members. Take these four action steps to get over the idea in your head that “No one gets me!”

1. Don’t just assume everyone’s a judgmental a-hole.
2. Stop trying to get their approval.
3. Be so happy they can’t judge you.
4. Create a power posse who gets you and your business.

If you’ve ever felt like nobody gets your business, your passions, or what you do for a living, watch this video to learn how to get over your fear of being judged — and stop inviting those quizzical looks when someone hears your answer to, “What do you do for a living?”

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