How to Manage Change When You’re Quitting Your Job

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Are you quitting your job? It’s really important to know how to manage change **the right way** during that uncomfortable transition period when you feel you’ve outgrown your job.
In this video, I’ll share four important steps to help you manage change and set both your current employer, and your new business up for success.

1. Plan on having a heart to heart with your boss so you get everything out on the table.
2. List everything you do so you get on the same page with your boss.
3. Make a process map of what you do in your job so when you do leave, whoever takes over for you will be able to hit the ground running right away.
4. Stay full engaged while you are at work. You can dream about your own business, but as long as your employer is paying you, you need to be fully present and give 100% every day.

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