No Time To Work Out? Try Boogie Body

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No time to work out? You may need to move your boogie body! But seriously…

Finding ways to work out while juggling work pressure, time for kids, and time for yourself can be overwhelming. Many of us can feel guilty for exercising when we think we should be spending our free time making money to pay the bills!

In this video, I’ll share some important research from a well-respected Harvard Medical School doctor who has linked exercise to the effects on your brain: your mood, vitality, alertness, etc…. all great things to have working for you when the business pressure seems overwhelming!

You’ll learn some simple (and hilarious) tips for making time for fitness and moving your “boogie body”, ways to work out with your kids, and why thinking about fitness more as a brain booster vs. a body exercise will help you excel at business and life.

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