Are You A Workaholic- 3 Steps To Fix Your Relationship Issues

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Are you a workaholic? We entrepreneurs and small business owners can be SO passionate about what we do that we wind up working non-stop without even realizing it.

But then your partner will complain that you “spend too much time on the computer” and your workaholic habits can turn into serious relationship issues.

In this video, I’ll show you 3 specific systems to put in place to make sure your partner gets the attention he/she deserves and YOU don’t turn into a burnt-out workaholic.

#1: My “Ain’t No Half Steppin'” technique – when your partner needs attention, give them your FULL attention.
#2: The “Das What’s Up” Session – have a touch base discussion with your partner daily so your partner has advanced notice on what your day, week, etc. looks like.
#3: Hip-Hop Shabbat – spend at least one day a week using limited technology and only focusing on each other and having fun spending time together.

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