How to Raise Prices w/ Ramit Sethi

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Raising prices in your business can be cringe-inducing, especially when you’re afraid it might lead to losing clients. In this video, you’ll hear New York Times bestselling author of the book I Will Teach You To Be Rich, Ramit Sethi as he walks you through exactly WHY thinking negative thoughts when considering raising prices is all wrong, and how you can raise prices with class (and more importantly – results).

You’ll learn Ramit’s secret to raising prices, which is that you need to focus on the VALUE you provide for your clients, not so much on the fact that you want more money. If you frame it in a way where they understand what an amazing deal they are getting for all of the value you are bringing to the table, then your offer will be irresistible to them and hard to refuse.

You’ll also get an exact script that you can copy word for word to finally get that raise at work that you deserve. Or you can also use it to reach out to clients to prove your worth and be compensated in return.

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