Not Good Enough

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Feeling not good enough — that’s the real fear behind feeling like an imposter or fraud.

In this video you’ll learn why feeling not good enough is actually the problem behind feeling inexperienced. You’ll also learn why trying to overcome or get rid of negative thoughts never works and why you should instead change your focus and make fear powerless.

Self-sabotaging thoughts happen when you feel like you are not good enough. They’re like a screensaver that pops up on your computer when you go idle.

Instead of making negative thoughts a bad thing, use them as a reminder that you’ve checked out. This will help you fight the feeling of being not good enough and give you control over what you focus on.

For the next seven days, treat your negative thoughts about being not good enough like a screen saver. When thoughts of being not good enough pop up, re-engage in the present moment!

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