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Reach the world – that’s my birthday wish this year. I want to help create a world where people believe in themselves and their dreams, and one way to do that is to reach the world with MarieTV.

For my birthday, I want to get MarieTV into every single country. That’s how we can reach the world as a whole and help as many people as possible create lives they love.

Right now we’re in 188 countries, leaving us with 5 countries that we need to get into for my birthday wish to come true. Can you help us reach the world with MarieTV?

The 5 countries are: Burundi, Chad, Cuba, Marshall Islands, and Tonga

You can help us reach the world by sharing MarieTV with anyone you know in these countries.

You can also share this episode with your network since someone you know may have friends or family in one of these countries and might help us reach the world through you.
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