How to Overcome Fear & Shyness with Josh Pais

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Overcome fear and shyness – but how? When it comes to something as scary as public speaking, it might seem impossible to overcome fear, but it is possible.

In this video, you’ll learn Josh Pais’ tips to help MarieTV viewer Miriam not only overcome fear and shyness about public speaking, but also look at those feelings differently.

1. You’re a vibrator. There are no good or bad sensations in the body. All the emotions we have are vibrating atoms. Instead of trying to overcome fear or shyness, recognize it as simply a sensation in your body.
2. Nickname your vibes. We try to overcome fear or shyness because we feel them in our body and label them as good or bad, and as something to overcome. Instead, give those feelings a different name that you don’t associate with being good or bad.
3. Ride it, don’t hide it. When we try to overcome fear or shyness, we take the wrong approach. Instead of trying to banish the feeling, learn to party with the sensation and speak from that feeling rather than suppress it. Any sensation you truly let yourself feel will shift in 7-12 seconds, even fear or shyness.

Now it’s your turn. Share with us in the comments over at an emotion or sensation you’d like to overcome. Describe that emotion in terms of vibrating atoms. If you want to overcome fear, for example, tell us how that sensation feels in your body.
And finally, nickname your vibrations and commit to partying with them!

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