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Fascinate, a book written by Sally Hogshead, is the topic of today’s MarieTV where we’ll dig into the topic of fascination and how it’s a state of intense emotional focus where people are just thinking about you and your message.

Sally Hogshead explains that the reason fascination is so important for entrepreneurs is because it’s in the moments when we really communicate and connect with people that we get them to care about what we have to say.

You don’t actually learn how to be fascinating, but rather you unlearn how to be boring. You were born fascinating, and in this interview you’ll learn how to communicate that and why it’s so important to understand how the world see YOU.

Here are some other key nuggets you’ll learn in this episode:
1. What the Fascination Halo is and how you can use it to your competitive advantage in business.
2. How to evoke a strong emotional response in others.
3. Why you don’t need to change who you are to become the most successful you can be and why in fact, just the opposite is true.
4. Why if you’re not creating a negative response for somebody, you’re not fascinating to anybody.
5. Why being strategically polarizing is uber important.

The world isn’t changed by people who sorta care, but rather people who passionately care. If you want people to care about you and your company, you need to communicate your core personality advantages and when you do, people will passionately care about you.

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