Viral Marketing: 6 Steps to Make Your Content Contagious w/ Jonah Berger

Viral marketing can be huge for your business — if you really understand it. In this video, you’ll learn from author and marketing professor Jonah Berger’s key steps to make your content contagious.

Jonah is the New York Times bestselling author of “Contagious: Why Things Catch On.” In the book and in this interview, he discusses these keys to viral marketing:

👉 Social currency — Make your customers feel special, and they share your story and your brand with others.

👉 Triggers (the good kind) — Associate your brand with something that pops up in your customers’ lives. Think: Rebecca Black. Years after releasing a song everyone *kinda* didn’t even like, the woman still owns real estate in your brain every Friday.

👉 Discounts & pricing — Jonah’s “rule of 100” says you should promote a discount for a product that costs less than $100 in terms of percentage, and for a product that costs more than $100 in terms of dollars. This simple rule makes the discount more appealing to customers.

Viral marketing doesn’t have to be complicated, and it can make a big impact on your business if you do it right.

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