Monetizing Your Audience Beyond Adsense

Here’s an outline of our discussion for easy navigation.

02:00 — Aaron Wysocki of The Young Turks
03:22 — Jack Conte of Patreon
04:45 — Josef Holm of TubeStart
08:50 — Brief advice: Try everything!
10:15 — Brief advice: YouTube fist strategy but not YouTube only strategy
11:40 — Brief advice: Create something you love
13:20 — Background/Intro to questions
14:50 — How does a creator decide what’s the best funding model for his/her Youtube channel? How do I decide what option might work best for me?
20:15 — Crowd funding campaign: How do you figure out goal/how much money to ask for?
24:50 — Subscriber base: How large of a subscribers base do you need to start a crowd funding campaign?
26:50 — How do you plan a crowd funding campaign?
30:15 — How important is to keep supporters updated throughout a campaign (especially for ongoing campaigns)?
34:45 — What are some good perks to offer? How can I discover other perks that are/would be useful to my supporters?
37:25 — How do you create a great/effective video trailer for your campaign?
42:10 — What’s the best way to continuously promote your campaign/membership website without appearing spammy?
48:40 — I spend a long time producing video, how “special” should the extra content be to satisfy your donors?
50:10 — What would be the easiest way/platform to manage selling merchandise?
51:05 — Are you worried that Google will punish those who try to circumvent their revenue models?
54:15 — Does anybody have any experience with new monthly subscription service on YouTube?
55:25 — How to make a transition from free videos to paid content (membership/download material)?
01:01:00 — YouTube subscribers Vs Email subscribers
01:03:00 — Affiliate links/marketing
01:05:15 — Are you worried about YouTube taking the best of items from your platforms (Patreon and Tubestart) and incorporate them into their future upgrades?
01:06:20 — Question about “basic free tutorials/paid in depth content” model. Does it work on YouTube?

Thanks to Paulino Brener for writing this up for us!

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