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A bridge job – is it something you need if your business isn’t making enough money yet? In this video you’ll learn six reasons a bridge job can be great for your business – and how that side job can help keep your finances on track.

1. You Get Free Business Training. In your bridge job, you’ll have a boss, so you’ll learn how to be a boss. You can learn what to do differently in your own business, and even how to hire, manage and treat your employees.

2. You Get More Done. A bridge job will keep you busy, and busy people are notorious for getting more things done.

3. You Meet Awesome People. In just about any job, including a bridge job or side job, you’ll meet people you wouldn’t normally meet. It’s a chance to make connections for life – and even tell people about your business.

4. You Can Invest In Your Business. You can afford things for your business, like a pro web designer, if you have a side job.

5. You Get A Mega Dose of Cojones Growth Hormone. A bridge job gives you the confidence to take more chances in your business.

6. Steady Income = Speed Stick for Your Soul. A bridge job will keep you from stressing over money, which will help you not seem desperate for customers.

And remember: a bridge jobs is not embarrassing — it’s empowering and is a great way to bootstrap and support yourself while you build your business!

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