Procrastination: The Hidden Benefits of Putting Things Off

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Why do I procrastinate? This is something we all wonder when we put things off, and usually we think procrastination is negative. In this video you’ll learn why, instead of beating yourself up for procrastinating, you can possibly see it from a new angle.

About a year ago, I was considering doing business with someone. For some reason, though, the deal was not moving forward. Every day our team would look at the project and for some reason move it to the back burner and procrastinate on it. Until one day I got a crazy call from the person we were going to work with, upset over a tiny detail.

I understood then we weren’t meant to business together – and thank God we procrastinated! I know if I’m procrastinating uncharacteristically, it may be a sign that something is seriously off.

Next time you wonder why you procrastinate over something, it could be a sign you need to call it off.

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