How To Be Present And Still Plan For The Future

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Wondering how to plan for the future when all the self-help advice out there tells you to live in the present moment? This video will teach you how to plan for the future and distinguish between planning vs. worrying – all while you stay in the present moment.

Planning happens in the present moment, but worrying takes you out of it. You can plan for the future while staying present, though. For example, a recurring thought like, “What if it rains on my wedding day” is a worry. This is a future-based anxiety you can’t control.

Instead of worrying, try to plan for the future possibility of rain and figure out what you’ll need in case that happens.

Whenever you find yourself worried about how to plan for the future, stop and ask if you just need to spend some time planning instead of worrying.

In fact, a lack of planning is often what takes you out of the moment and makes you worry because you’re focused on what you haven’t planned yet.

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