Branding: 5 Steal-Worthy Strategies

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Branding makes the difference between your customers falling in love with your company or totally forgetting you. In this video, you’ll learn the five things Help Scout did to truly understand me as a customer how you can do with your business, too.

1. Super Effective Home Page. Within seconds of being on Help Scout’s website, I knew exactly who they were, what they did, and how they could help. Right away they share great testimonials, key features, and competitive analysis without cluttering up the home page.

2. An ET Headline. An ET headline is a line that reaches through the screen with a long alien finger and touches your pain point. In that instant, your customer knows that you GET them.

3. Irresistible Call To Action. By using the phrase, “How it works in 70 seconds” Help Scout shows that they know how time-starved we all are, and they know getting you to watch this short video is really important.

4. A Fast, Effective Video. With their short video, Help Scout utilized more smart branding. They knew the exact phrase, tone and energy of our exact biggest struggle — which let me know that they understood us. That creates immediate trust.

5. They’re Proudly “Not For Everyone.” Help Scout has a very specific target audience and they aren’t afraid of saying who ISN’T their ideal client. They don’t try to get everybody, just the customers they’re right for.

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