How to Become a Web Designer 2014 Advice on How to Become a Web Designer and some challenges and changes in the field of Web Design and the industry. For those who want to become a web designer, there is a lot of learning involved, and not just learning HTML code, there is far more to Web Design than just mere coding.

Web Designers have to first be designers, in truth I believe they should be designers above all else and technicians secondly, while still being businessmen and businesswomen.

The reason behind this is the nature of a Web Design client. They won’t care how well a website works if they can not get past how it looks. This is true of most things. Human being judge everything on perception first, experience second, and logic last.

This is reflected in buying decisions and why brand like Apple have been very successful by adopting styles of advertising and product development that work on this premise.

It is also why Flash sites were very popular in the early 90s and 2000s. The ability to easily control the appearance and experience of a website with out a heavy emphasis on coding.

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