4 Money Beliefs That Limit Your Wealth Inside and Out w/ Kate Northrup

Know your worth to get over your money anxieties and start living abundantly. In this video, you’ll learn from Kate Northrup the four money beliefs that keep you broke, and what you can do to change them.

Belief #1: Someone else should/will do this for me. This belief gives another person your power. Instead, know your worth and believe that you’re capable of solving your own financial problems, like getting out of debt.

Belief #2: I’m not good with money. This belief only holds you back. We’ve all learned the skills we have, and being “good” with money is one of them. Know your worth and understand that your beliefs become your actions, and your actions become your life. Pay attention to your money and you’ll start to build a better relationship with it.

Belief #3: People with money are greedy OR it’s not spiritual to have money. When we have a negative judgment against others, our subconscious will never allow us to have that abundance we’re judging because we believe it’s negative. Know your worth and your worthiness to have abundance, and understand that money is just a tool to trade value for value.

Belief #4: I’m not ____ enough. This thought takes you out of the game. No one will value you more than you value yourself — know your worth and begin to put your attention on what you value about yourself and the ways you bring value to the world. Write down three of these things before bed each night so that you begin to grow that muscle.

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