Get More Done With This “To Do List” Tweak

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Want to get more done without to-do list drama? You might be missing one small element that could take your list from to-do to to-done. In this video, you’ll learn the simple fix that you can start using immediately to make yourself more productive and get more done.
The trick to improving your to-do list is to verberize it. Verberizing means making sure that every item on your to-do list starts with a verb.

It seems simple, but adding a phrase like “go to” in front of cleaners or adding “brainstorm” in front of “blog post topics” can trigger you into action and will make your to-do list easier to tackle so you’ll get more done.

Remember, when you verberize your to-do list, you can’t just pick any verbs. Instead, pick easy, small, and do-able verbs. One-step actions that you can accomplish in one sitting or one errand.

Something like “plan birthday party” is too big, because “plan” is really a project and includes many smaller steps. You see “plan” on your list and don’t want to go near it because it’s overwhelming. What if it were, “make guest list” or “buy paper plates?” Then you can start taking action on your to-do list without overwhelm to get more done.

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