What My Bare Buns Can Teach You About Success

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A sense of humor is crucial in life and in business, especially for the moment when you embarrass yourself and need to recover. In this video, you’ll learn why it’s so important to laugh at yourself in both life and business.

No matter how smart you are or how good you plan, things are going to go wrong at some point. You will make mistakes and you will embarrass yourself. You can either crawl into a hole and beat yourself up or you can laugh at yourself and have a sense of humor, get RIGHT back up, and move on.

Having a sense of humor, especially about yourself, is essential for big success. It does two important things:

1. The faster you laugh at yourself, the faster you get back up on the horse and get back in the game.
2. A sense of humor is a magical elixir in relationships. It can heal just about anything.

If having a sense of humor about yourself is tough — especially when something goes wrong — here’s a trick that can help. Ask yourself: have any small children died in this situation? That will help put things into perspective for you fast!

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