Todd Herman: 5 Ways To Change Your Life & Make It Stick

Tired of trying to change your life only to revert back to your old habits? Todd Herman is here to help. In this video, you’ll learn the five ways to change your life and make those changes stick.

Step #1: Know what you’re seeking. To change your life, you first need a vision of change that’s very clear and specific. If you’re trying to break a habit or learn a new skill, figure out what specifically that looks like for you.

Step #2: Set trigger goals. Trigger goals are micro-changes you can set up in your life to help you achieve a larger goal. For example, if you are trying to build a new exercise routine, a trigger goal for yourself could be to get dressed in your workout clothing 4 days a week. This will make you more likely to stick with your larger goal and ultimately change your life.

Step #3: Set improvement goals. Improvement goals are numbers with a date attached to them. These goals will help you set up a feedback loop so you can measure if you’re moving towards your goal or not.

Step #4: Get social support. This could be a coach, mentor, online community, or even a friend who has gone through what you’re going through before. These are people who can cheer you on as you change your life.

Step #5: Script your setbacks. Prepare for setbacks by knowing how you’ll deal with them as they come up. Anticipate how you’ll feel and react ahead of time so you’re prepared and ready to respond in a way that won’t throw you off your goal.

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