Bloomberg Interview with Stephanie Ruhle: Social Media Mistakes & Best Practices

On this Market Makers episode we cover Social Media snafus, best practices, and how brands can get involved – even on Snapchat.

Snafus and Legacy: Look, intent matters. We’re now living our lives online and broadcasting our world for the masses to see. That’s just the way it is. BUT, we need to be careful. By nature, humans are flawed. There’s no questioning that. But since we’re now living in this world where there isn’t much privacy, we need to be cautious of how we use these tools. We need to understand how our actions can and will effect our legacy 5, 10, 20, 50 years from now. We need to start thinking of the fact that our lives are on the record, always. So with all this exposure comes risk and the only way you can hedge against it is by only doing the things that come with our best intentions, the same way you should’ve hoped to have lived in a world where none of these technologies existed.

Act on social like you would in the real world: Social Media is just like our real world interactions. Our relationships are based on psychology and that’s what we need to project on social. You need to start acting the same ways you’d act out in the “real world.” Be a human. Have empathy, provide value, and do things with the best of intentions. It’s that simple.

Brands on social: And so how do brands win in the noisy world of social media? If you’re a brand and you want to win on social or on any marketing platform, you need to understand the consumer. Understand where the eyes and ears are going and follow them. Understand the nuances of these platforms and be an actual practitioner. Don’t just show up because all the cool kids are doing it. Understand why you want to be there and understand how you can best deliver value. Would you buy a billboard without knowing the traffic patterns of an area? I’d hope not. So stop treating social media any differently.

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