Graphic Design Laptops vs Desktops

Graphic Design Laptops vs Desktops Choosing a Laptop vs Desktop for Graphic Design Work.

I’ve talked about computers and specs for Graphic Designers and Photographers here on the channel before and blogs. But something that keeps coming up is the choice between a Graphic Design Laptop or a Graphic Design Desktop.

I’ve had to deal with this dilemma myself over the years and I talk about what you need to consider when making this decision.

Recommended Laptops [Amazon Affiliate] Dell Latitude i7 3.3GHz 16GB Apple Mackboo Pro 16GB Asus ROG 16GB Dell Inspiron i7 16GB Lenovo y50 i7 16GB

Recommended Desktops [Amazon Affiliate] Mac Pro [Cylinder] Mac Mini [Newest] 21in iMac [Newest] 27in iMac [Newest] i7 3.3GHz 16GB 2TB 256SSD AMD FX 4.0GHz 16GB 2TB

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