Do You Need To Be Outgoing To Be An Entrepreneur?

Roommate Harmony Asks: Hey Gary, Do you think it is necessary to have an outgoing personality to be a successful entrepreneur?

Roommate Harmony, this is a tremendous question! I think it has never been less important to be extroverted to be a successful entrepreneur, or I do not know just look at every successful entrepreneur that everybody talks about, like Zucks, Ev Williams, Kevin Systrom, and David Karp, you know Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest & Instagram. I mean it is actually the glory days of the introverted entrepreneur because of technology, because of sitting behind the screen, because it doesn’t all happen face to face anymore. It has never been a better time to do that and that is quite by the way, always been the way. It is you know there are ways to win, you know, it is about betting on strengths. I do things based on my strengths. I am an entrepreneur that is extroverted and I saw around myself with people and I do that kind of stuff, I put myself out there, introverted entrepreneurs need to not fake the funk like it would be stupid for me to sit behind the computer all day everyday and then that was just the way I rolled mistake leaving the magic on the table. Equally, someone who is awkward, and my startup is really like that guy or gal is probably not the kind of person that wants to kind of bet on their personality and they need to sit down all day and focus, and so I think it is betting on strengths.

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