The Secret to Winning 25 Trades in a Row..

I’ve got a question by Stanley who asked me, is it possible to win 25 trades in a row?

And my answer is this..

Yes it’s possible to win 25 trades in a row. All you need is to have a really small take profit target, relatively to the size of your stop loss.

You can have a 2 pips take profit target, with a 100 pips stop loss. You will easily win 25 trades in a row.

Alternatively, you can have a 100 pips take profit target, with a 5000 pips stop loss, your winning rate will still be ridiculously high.

But the question is, can you be consistently profitable?

This is when you need to know what is your average risk to reward ratio, before knowing whether you have a positive expectancy in your trading system.

Back to the markets…

This week I’ll be looking at at a few pairs like USD/MXN, EUR/USD and NZD/JPY.

I also share with you the difference between a swing trading and trend following.

Thanks for watching!

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