REVIEW: The Best Vlogging Camera 2016 | Canon G7X Mark II

The Canon G7X Mark II is the best vlogging camera for YouTube in 2016! In my camera review, I show you what’s great about it, how it works, the best image stabilization settings, and more, based on my experience of using it for vlogs on YouTube. There’s 7 things that make this the best vlog camera, but there’s also 7 drawbacks to the Canon G7X Mark II that you should know before you start using it for vlogging. We review all of those things here together.

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(If you have any questions about cameras, B&H’s customer support is superb! Simply call them and ask.)

The wind filters I bought for the camera: (affiliate)

See what vlogs look like using this camera on my family’s vlogging channel:

1) You CAN disable the touch screen completely on this camera so it doesn’t accidentally change settings.

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