How to trade naked

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Now, I don’t want you to strip yourself naked and trade the markets. You’ll crash the markets.

What I mean is… stripping your charts naked.
No Stochastic. No Fibonacci. No RSI.

Just a plain ol lookin chart.

You’re probably thinking:

“What’s the point of trading naked?”

Trading naked allows you the see the markets with clarity and to focus on the one thing that really matters, price.

This means you can…

1.Identify the path of least resistance and increase your winning rate

2. Apply this technique across any markets and timeframes (whether it’s forex, futures, equities, bonds, etc.)
3. Better time your entries and exits

And it’s not difficult to trade naked if you follow my simple 3-step framework.

So, if you want to be a naked trader, then go watch today’s video.

Talk soon,
Rayner Teo

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