Kat Manalac’s Whale AMA

Kat answered questions submitted on Whale.

You can download the app here: http://apple.co/2jV1WrB

0:03 – Who are some of the most impressive female founders coming out of this upcoming YC batch?

1:01 – What’s the last book you read and favorite 2016 book you’d recommend? Do you prefer e-books or the real deal?

1:56 – What’s the best part of the YC network?

2:50 – If you could teach founders at YC only one thing what would it be?

3:26 – How has time travel help you @ YC?

4:04 – Have you ever invested in any Australian startups?

5:02 – If you could go back to any era when would it be and how old would you want to be during that time and why?

5:38 – Is a bad cofounder relationship worse than being a solo founder?

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