How to Hire a Virtual Assistant – How to Use Upwork & when Hiring VAs ($3/HOUR)

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In this video, we are going to give you a step-by-step tutorial which will teach you how to hire a virtual assistant. We are going to show you how to use Upwork when hiring VAs, and how to use

Virtual assistants (otherwise known as VAs) are remote employees that you can hire from anywhere in the world. When people hire VAs, they usually have two questions:

1) What websites should you use when hiring VAs?
2) When countries should you hire virtual assistants from (the answers here may surprise you!)

Question #1 on how to hire a virtual assistant: What websites should I use to hire virtual assistants?

We have two websites that we use when hiring VAs: Upwork & Here is a quick tutorial on how to hire a virtual assistant on Upwork:

***Posting a Job on Upwork***

1) Sign into your account and click “post job.”
2) On the job listing page, the first thing you’ll need to do is select the type of job you are posting. When you are hiring a VA I recommend starting with a fixed-term contract. This let’s both you you see if you like working together. You can then move to a permanent job from there if you want to.
3) Select the category of what the job will be.
4) Write a job title. Make sure this is very detailed.
5) Write a job description. Again, the more descriptive, the better.
6) You can add an attachment to your listing. One thing we like to do is do a screen capture video to show what tasks need to be completed, and then add that to the listing.
7) Select how many freelancers you want to hire. Our recommendation is you only 1 when you are first getting started.
8) Select what type of project it will be. We recommend selecting fixed-term when first working with a VA and then moving to a permanent position from there.
9) Select how you will pay the VA. For a fixed position, you will usually pay a fixed price. For a permanent on-going position, you will usually pay by the hour.
10) Select what experience level you are looking for. The hourly rate listed under each experience level is only relevant for USA-based VAs, so ignore them. I recommend selecting intermediate-experienced.
11) Select how long you expect the job to last. For fixed term jobs, it is usually 1-4 weeks.
12) Note down the expected time commitment.
13) Select the box that says that only freelancers on Upwork can find your job. This stops your competitors from finding your jobs.
14) You can select qualifications, although it is an optional section.
15) We recommend selecting it so that applicants are required to include a cover letter.

And that’s it – post your job, and you’re done!

Here is a quick tutorial on how to hire a virtual assistant on

***Posting a job listing on***

1) Sign into your account and click “post job.”
2) Add a descriptive title to your listing.
3) Add a detailed job description.
4) Type in what the payment will be. I recommend using either USD or PHP. For a fixed-term contract, type in a fixed price. For an on-going job, type in an hourly rate.
5) We recommend requiring an ID score of at least 70.
6) Select the skills required. We recommend requiring written & verbal English skills.
7) Type in your email address & name.

And that’s it! You’re done.

Question #2 on how to hire a virtual assistant: What country should I hire my VA from?

There is no country that is “better” than the other. If you are hiring from an anglo-European country be prepared to pay much higher prices as the median salaries are very high.

Most people want to know how to hire a virtual assistant for the lowest cost possible. These are the most common countries to hire from:

* India: Median salary is $620 USD a month.
* Philippines: Median salary is $570 USD a month.
* Pakistan: Median salary is $480 USD a month.
* Sri Lanka: Median salary is $400 USD a month.

Our personal preference is to hire virtual assistants if we can from the Philippines because the time zone is closest to our own so our work days overlap. But you may find that your timezone matches better with someone based in say, Pakistan.

English is also widely spoken in the Philippines, so a higher density of applicants are fluent in it, which makes the hiring process easier. But you may find the right VA in another country. There is no “right” or “wrong” country.

One last piece of advice on how to hire a Virtual Assistant: Treat all of your employees well. Your employees will make or break your business. Be a great boss!

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