How to scale in your trades and maximize your profit potential

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In today’s episode of AskRayner, I’ve got a question by Nawar who asked…

“Hey Rayner, how do you scale in your winners?”


I don’t recommend scaling in for new traders because this is an advanced trading technique. If not done correctly, it could result in some serious drawdown of your account.

But if you’re a seasoned trader and you know what you’re doing, then this technique could increase your trading profits.

So in today’s episode, you’ll learn:

• The 3 MISTAKES to avoid when scaling into your trades
• How to scale in your trades the correct way
• When is the best time to scale in your trades


If you’re looking to size up your gains, then scaling into your winners is one way to do it.

Once you’ve had the chance to watch this video, I would love to know…

How do you increase the size of your winning trades?

Leave a comment here and let me know.

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