🔴 Customer Service for Creatives – Live | Advice For Dealing With Difficult Clients

Chris and Ben discuss how to tackle good customer service, set good terms of engagement, and when you should call a client versus email them.

They also recall their business horror stories of bad design clients and recount how they dealt with horrible clients not being a good fit.


03:15 All businesses are based on sales and customer services
05:12 How Ben feels about receiving emails from Chris
08:28 I write short abbreviated words to close the communication gap
08:52 Ben: What does customer service mean to you?
09:56 Phone Call Test: When a client calls you, are you happy to pick it up?
10:39 Every dollar that you receive is a voucher of appreciation – Blair Enns
11:22 The way clients perceive you changes how you will perceive them.
12:04 Clear signs of bad customer service
12:38 Q: What is an acceptable time to send email replies to someone working for you?
14:46 Clean Inbox Principle
16:24 Set a tone of voice for your entire brand?
16:45 Check Tone: Never write an emotional email
17:57 Changing email tone mid-project and sending nasty emails is bad customer service
18:30 When you accept a client you have an obligation to provide excellent customer service.
19:26 Going the extra mile – Charge more to cover coverages, and give white glove service.
24:00 Canned Content Email Templates
25:58 Q: How do you get pumped up for a meeting without coming across as cocky?
27:48 Knowing when to email your client vs when to call your client
28:50 What are your macros?
30:14 Be an awesome person to work with – treat others how you would want to be treated.
33:08 You are not your work
34:35 Chris’s experiences working with terrible clients
39:40 I only work well with a client that knows what they want
40:10 Ben shares his client horror story
44:00 Match and Mirror clients to convey that you are hearing them. (vocabulary, tone, pace)
47:57 Q: What if you can’t afford to give a client a refund?
49:34 Q: What do you do about really friendly clients that take you for a ride?
51:35 RED FLAG: “How hard would it be to do…”
53:16 Q: How do we handle unresponsive clients?
54:45 Q: When are you going to do more web design videos?
56:25 Q: When you fire the client do you give them a 100% refund?
57:50 Q: In the case where you did not set the terms of engagement, how do you change it midway?
1:04:14 Q: Does TheFutur have an Instagram account?
1:04:28 Q: Does my pedigree/degree come up in conversation with your clients?
1:05:00 When the client calls, you are already qualified
1:07:22 Decision Maker – Specify your point of contact for final decisions.
1:08:40 Include revision counts in your SOW – statement of work
1:14:30 Q: How do you manage your time?

Show References

Burn Your Portfolio – Michael Janda
Match and Mirror: Best Methods to Build Rapport – Anthony Robbins

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