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I got a question from a subscriber…

“Hey, Rayner, I’ve learned almost everything about trading. I know most of the trading indicators, price action trading, chart patterns, and etc.

But… I’m still not a consistently profitable trader.

I’m doing it for many years now… should I give up trading altogether?”


I know it can be frustrating pouring in your heart and soul into something… and not getting the results you want.

And this is why I poured my heart and soul in today’s video.
I’ll share with you a simple solution to get out of the trading “rat race”… and how to go from a losing trader to consistent trader.

And in my opinion, it’s worth watch every minute of it.


I share with you a swing trade I took (that gained 1.3R) and explain my thought process from start to finish.

If there’s only one video you can watch this week, then it would be this.

So click below and get started now…

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Thanks for watching!

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