How & Why To Use Layer Masks vs Multiply? Adobe Photoshop Tutorial | Perfect grunge design texture!

Why use layer masks versus multiply or screen? What are the benefits of using layer masks and how to do it? PSD tutorial by Chris Do for the Spartan Logo Design Challenge.

In the last video covering our Spartan Logo Design Challenge (officially ended 6/1/17), Chris Do informed The Futur’s audience that while designing promotional materials for the event, he used a grunge watercolor texture in Photoshop. A common practice when designing these types of designs is to activate the Multiply layer blending option on the layer containing the texture, but Chris Do has another way. Using Layer Masking, Chris Do shows us how to maintain values and brightness within the texture layer, in addition to a few other helpful tips.

Did you find this tutorial helpful? If so, please leave a comment below letting us know what kind of tips you’d like to hear about in the next installment.


0:29 Example 1 – Using Multiply
4:54 Example 2 – Multiply VS Layer Masks (Color variations, not being influenced by the colors beneath)
6:49 Example 3 – The benefits of using a layer mask vs a multiply or screen effect

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