Marketing Ethics

This video will discuss marketing ethics. It is clearly the case that the company should project itself in a positive light so as to build up customer confidence. Issues such as misleading the customer through misleading claims, providing faulty or dangerous products, making claims there are not honoured, and generally emphasising sales rather than the consumer experience, all lead too long run deterioration of the company’s reputation amongst consumers. Ultimately, in many cases, the customers have the ultimate weapon (don’t purchase). We say “in many cases” because the customers may have no alternative but to buy from that producer, this is a situation of monopoly.
Ethics is involved here, ethics is the study of morality, and clearly it is wrong to mislead customers, to lie and cheat regarding the quality of the product. It is therefore important the companies act in a responsible manner, report what is honest, and deal with the customer with respect.
This video is one of several on the topic that the students will encounter throughout the course

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