Grow your Channel with me, Derral Eves, and Jeremy Vest this September!

Go to to learn more and to apply! It’s limited to the first 20 creators who register after their application is approved!

I know you’re working hard on your YouTube channel. You want it to grow and reach new people. You want it to start making money that allows you to continue to serve your audience well.

Many of you ask me to take a few minutes to look over your channel and provide some input to help you better achieve your goals and get the results that you want.

I have something better in mind.

It’s the most intimate experience available with three of YouTube’s top experts, each giving you personal input, advice, and ideas as well as a full channel audit to help you grow your channel.

And it’s not just for a few minutes — it’s 2 solid days straight!

And not just over a phone call, but here together, face to face, in Cincinnati, Ohio, with 19 other creators who are in a similar place as you.

It’s about linking arms and doing together what’s difficult to do on our own: growing an audience around our YouTube channels.

No where else can you get personalized, one-on-one training for your channel from me, Derral Eves, and Jeremy Vest. This September 28-29 is going to be AMAZING!

It’s called Video Labs LIVE!

I’m taking what I normally do over 10 weeks in Video Labs and doing it in person here with you. So, I guess it’s more appropriately called Video Labs IRL.

Since there’s only 20 spots available for creators, we’re using an application process at to form the best group possible for this private experience. We’ll be in touch within a day or two and, if you’re selected, you’ll be given access to register and pay for the event to reserve your spot.

Derral Eves, Jeremy Vest, and I have each helped many creators earn $50,000 per month on YouTube. Yes, per month! This event costs only $2,500. For the possibility of one day earning 20x your investment every month, it’s a pretty good deal. Even making a small fraction of that is an amazing investment into achieving your freedom and independence on YouTube!

We’re excited to partner with you in more intimate ways than we’ve ever done before and help you grow an audience around your channel, achieve your goals, and earn back your financial investment many times over.

If you have any questions, simply email Catherine, the event coordinator, and she will be in touch.

I look forward to digging into your channel with you this September!

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