The Selling Process

The selling process is self-explanatory. However, as students of business, we can view this as several activities all culminating in the sale of the product.
For example, it is logical to think about a product as having a beginning, this may be as far back as the act of entrepreneurship that brought it into existence. It then moves from someone’s idea to a business product, either a physical or service product. If we continue along this developmental line, we will come to marketing, and this involves the identification of the potential customers, the pricing strategy, and the marketing tactics to be developed and implemented.
Lastly, in this very summarised version, we need to consider the training and recruitment of appropriate selling staff as well as the channels in which they will engage the potential customers.
As you may see from the above there are many steps to be taken before selling can take place and it is, therefore, important but the selling process receives a lot of attention because the whole organisation depends on the success of the selling staff.

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