Idea Generation: How new products ideas are established

Entrepreneurship is a critical component for the development of any business or any business idea. It is however widely misunderstood, mini believe that entrepreneurship is to do with business planning and the routine matters of setting up and your business or a new component of the business. However entrepreneurship is at the very start of the business, it is what one writer described as alertness two profit opportunities.
In this video, we will look at idea generation. This means we will look at where commercial ideas originate on how they are taken from concept too practical measure. Needless to say, this is a very big topic and you will only get a full picture when you have studied other areas on our course, such as marketing some finance, economics, and so on. It is the totality of this from the study of these topics that gives us a more complete picture of how it comes into existence.
Finally, we will have many videos on entrepreneurship and innovation throughout the course and these will lie firmly in this area of idea generation.

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