Chad Woolner, How a Chiropractor Doubled His Income In Less Than 6 Months – Funnel Hacker Radio Podcast

Chad Woolner learned like most professionals that post-graduate schooling typically teaches you how to be a doctor, attorney, chiropractor or dentist, but teaches you nothing about how to run your practice. After struggling to get his practice to grow he found the secrets he needed and quickly realized other doctors needed the same. He reveals in this episode what he learned and is now teaching other doctors.

Show Notes:

-Chad Woolner finished chiropractic college and opened up his own practice.

-It didn’t take him long to realize that school didn’t teach him everything he needed to know about running a practice. He had no idea how to run a business or market his practice.

-He hired a big consulting group and did everything they told him. Unfortunately, it didn’t work. In fact, the more he did exactly what they told him, the worse things got.

-Chad reached out to everyone he could but nothing worked. He struggled for years to provide for his family.

-About that time, he started to hear about funnels and wondered if that might work for his practice.

-Once he figured out a funnel that worked he literally experienced almost overnight success. New patients started coming in the doors and the practice started growing.

-Chad soon realized that other struggling chiropractors could benefit from what he had learned.

-He showed his funnels to another chiropractor and helped him set everything up. Almost immediately this other practice started growing as well.

-He realized that there were so many other chiropractors who needed this same help. The problem was that he didn’t know how to effectively get his message out.

-Then he discovered Russell Brunson’s “Perfect Webinar.” This single webinar allowed him to package his message and deliver it to other chiropractors online.

-In a little less than 6 months, the income he was making from teaching other chiropractors how to build funnels for their practice doubled the income he was making from his own practice.


“In less than 6 months, the income I was making from teaching other Chiropractors doubled the income I was making from my own practice!”

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